Online Delivery Information

Deliveries are available for:

I, V, VI, VII, VIII kerület - Minimum Order (excluding delivery fee) is 5,000 Ft

II, IX, XI, XIII kerület - Minimum Order (excluding delivery fee) is 7,000 Ft

We also deliver to other kerület within 10km of our restaurant - Minimum Order is 10,000Ft for all orders.

Delivery charges are:

V kerület : 200 Ft

VI kerület : 300 Ft

VII, VIII kerület : 500 Ft 

I, IX kerület: 600 Ft

II, XI, XIII kerület: 800 Ft

Other kerület within 10km: 1,000 Ft

Delivery may be slower than usual if the couriers are busy, and may take up to 75 minutes.

You can pay by Card, ApplePay or  Cash. If you are paying by Cash, please give the total amount to the delivery driver.