COVID-19 Measures

Dear guests,

I want to share with you these measures that are in place to safe guard yours and our staff’s safety:

  • Our staffs have now received their 3rd dose of the COVID vaccine.
  • Restaurant doors and windows are open frequently for fresh air circulation
  • Our staffs will be wearing face masks and gloves when serving customers
  • Enhanced cleaning routines on tables and chairs
  • No close physical contact with couriers or anyone who appear sick, e.g. handshake, hug, etc. We keep a distance of at least 1.5 meter
  • Wash hands with soap regularly several times a day (for efficiency for at least 20 seconds / hand wash)
  • Use min. 60% alcohol hand sanitizer regularly several times a day
  • Avoid touching their face as much as possible: especially the mouth, eyes and nose area
  • Sneeze into a handkerchief and cough
  • Disinfect the service area and objects that couriers have come into contact with when opening and closing
  • Our kitchen is thoroughly cleaned at the end of each working day